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The Goddess is Made of Different Colors ~ by MishaGull. A. S. K.

A dream within a dream.

A soulful body drenched in an ocean of colors.

Oozing tremendously.

Colors plastered her inches differently.

Seems to be gin-soaked.

Infatuating the curves vividly.

Violet and purple covered her dandy feet, giving the gait of nobility.

Grandeurity and dignity. Anchoring her steps magically.

Imprinting the soul too.

Color coaxed further inches.

Her white legs. A creamy perfection. Golden tint. Highlighting the curves. Pink dissolved–caressed the affection. Soft compassion.

Colors blended in her skin, if not indulging its sin.

Reddish purple scars all over. Dilemma for anyone.

Owning the endured pain.

As if it's not a stain. Imperfection is not a stain. Concealing them is a hurricane.

Swim along the coaxed colors.

Three colors: white, golden, and pink with scars bruising.

It stopped on the chest. Conflict. Who will have the heart to imprint?

Clangoring. Red and black. Purple and blue. Which one will fill? There's no clue.

Red, the warrior, for it, the love is superior,
Purple, the royal, for it, bowing is subservient,
Black, the epitome of sophistication, for it, rebelling against fear is perfection,
Blue, the tranquility of freedom, for it, confinement is disdainment.

All four clashed down. Blend and blanket the heart, strengthening its valves.

Through the aorta, colors through blood prevailed the whole body.

She felt the ethereal power. The goddess is made of different colors.

Proportion of perfection. No fear of dejection. She engulfed the darkness. Made it her harness.

With silver, luminous drops of sweat. She woke up and sat on the bed.

The reflection she saw in the mirror for a while.

Plastered her visage with a beaming smile.

MishaGull. A. S. K. is an 18-year-old university student from Lahore, Pakistan 🇵🇰. You can find her on Instagram @phoenix_ignite_.

Photo Cover Credit: Luiza Danco


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