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See who is behind the writing & operation of Fashion Forecast! If you'd like to join the team, please fill out this google form:

 We are looking for people interested in web design, poetry editing, general editing, digital art, and social media marketing. As a team member, you will also have access to and learn how to use Fashion Forecast's design and editing software. 


You can submit content at any time and become a contributor by following the instructions under the submission tab. Your name will also be added to the contributors' list below!

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Founder + Editor-in-Chief

Jullea Powell

Jullea aspires to become a corporate attorney, but she wants to link fashion to a law career. She is a 17-year-old girl from California, USA, who loves coffee, meeting new people, surfing, and anything adventurous. Her work has been featured in various international publications, including The Harvard Crimson, Yale Daily News, Stanford Daily, DONUT Daily News, The Seoul Times, LA Times HS Insider, and The Beatles Story Museum, among others. ​

Some of her articles:

Head of Digital Design

Luiza Danco

Luiza is a 14-year-old girl from Poland. She has always loved dressing up and experimenting with fashion. Besides fashion, she is also passionate about drawing and South Korean culture. She loves traveling and exploring the world. She has many ideas for her future, and joining Fashion Forecast made her think that her future may be fashion related. Her Instagram is @luizka_ig.

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General + Poetry Editor

Alina Hamid

Alina is a multidimensional Pakistani Canadian. You can catch her reading a good book with coffee and chocolate cake, listening to Moonlight Sonata. She’s engrossed in a myriad of things like fashion, poetry, law and science! While they may seem unconnected, she’s passionate enough to dip her feet into the vast sea and see what the future holds!

Quiz Creator & Social Media Marketer

Valeri is a 21-year-old woman from Canada with a passion for writing and fashion. When she's not writing, she is watching comedy shows and films. Fashion has always been a part of her life, and she finds it fascinating. To Valeri, fashion is subjective; it's all about self-expression. 


Add your name to this list by submitting content to Fashion Forecast today! Instructions are under the submission tab. 

Jasmine P. Rose is a 31-year-old from Austin, Texas. Her Instagram is @jasmine.p.rose.

Laura Cielo Juarez is a 28-year-old poetess/writer from México 🇲🇽. She is inspired by life and romanticism. She posts her poetry & short romantic reels on Instagram:

Linda Gomez Moscat is from the Bronx, New York. She is attending Southern New Hampshire University, Online. She is a Dominican-Bronx-based poet currently finishing her English degree, and she has been published in three anthologies, but she plans to publish her books one day. She also has a passion for fashion and beauty, so during her downtime, she loves to share fashion/beauty insights with her loved ones and style clothes for herself and others. Her Instagram is @lindagomezmoscat.


Marie Jade M. Orongan is a 24-year-old Filipina from Cebu City, Philippines 🇵🇭. She is a graduate of the Cebu Doctors' University class of 2020. Now, she is an occupational therapist who helps treat patients with physical dysfunction, people with mental health issues, and children with special needs. She is a writer, poet, and lyricist currently residing in Cebu City. Her interests include watching movies from different genres, listening to classical music, painting, and any form of arts and crafts. She also likes traveling and spending her little life adventures with her family. You can find her on Instagram @moonstoneblues98.


Safura Zul is a writer + poet from Malaysia 🇲🇾. She's a free spirit who loves to read and write, especially writing creative short poems, haikus and tankas. She enjoys nature and photography. To connect with Safura, you can follow her Instagram @isafuraz.

Attai Lily is a 23-year-old from Calabar City, Nigeria 🇳🇬 and alumna of the University of Uyo class of 2019. She is an award winning storyteller and poet, writing by day and reading by night, with a flair for everything creative. You can connect with Attai by following her Instagram @a.lilywrites.

Elysia Laidlaw is a 23-year-old student from Birmingham, UK 🇬🇧. She is part of the 2018 class at the University of South Wales. She is a free verse who isn’t afraid to speak on heavy topics. She’s always had a passion for creative writing, but only during the COVID-19 pandemic did her poetry take off.

Mackenzie Baum is a 22-year-old from Michigan. She is a recent college graduate who is working to make writing her career. She also loves animals and the outdoors. Her Instagram is @mackenziebwriting.

Emma Ryan is a 21-year-old community college student from California. Her Instagram is @butterfly_poetess.

Javone Jackson is a 21-year-old from Decatur, Georgia. He says that writing stories and poetry saved him from himself. His Instagram is @vonpoetry.

Michaella Jean A. De Leon is a 21-year-old from La Union, Philippines. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy at Union Christian College. She also writes literary pieces for the Union Herald Publication and wants to be heard. Her Instagram is @piecesofhael.

Kate Platt is a freelance writer and self-proclaimed geek from El Paso, Texas. Whether it's writing feature articles or creating web content for brands, she loves to dig into new topics and engage with an audience. For more inquiries or other writing opportunities, find her at or her Instagram @plattlit.

Poetry Citrus is a long time reader of fiction and writer of poetry. She believes poetry is an elegant form of capturing our emotions and voices. WordPress: (Write in Shining Armor) Poetry Citrus; Instagram: @poetrycitrus

Sofia Aleksanyan is a Pasadena City College student from the class of 2024 who loves fashion. Her favorite designer is Zuhair Murad, since his designs are just breathtaking. She would love to become a business owner and learn more about the business world. She's also an aspiring film director and an activist who’s passionate about advocating for important social issues. You can find her on Instagram @sofia.anna__.

Maria Thanasia is a 20-year-old university student from Greece 🇬🇷. She likes photography, cinematography and fashion. She would love to work in the field of culture, arts and fashion in the future. 🤍 You can connect with her on Instagram @

Valeri Rose Fiorini is a 20-year-old from Canada 🇨🇦. She is passionate about writing, music, and anything art related. You can find her on Instagram @thepoetsroses.

Fern Beck is a 20-year-old fashion and creative director student in Mexico City 🇲🇽. To connect with Fern and talk about fashion of all time periods, you can follow her Instagram @fernnbeck.

Anna is a 20 year old poet from Switzerland 🇨🇭. She graduates in 2023. She's fascinated by music, astrophotography, fashion, movies, languages, former decades, and English poetry. Since I've always been interested in the human brain and people's behavior, I'm planning on studying Psychology.

Adishakti Tiwari is a 20-year-old second-year undergraduate student at V.P.M's R. Z. Shah College Mulund studying B. com. She is from Thane, India 🇮🇳, and has three months of experience as a recruitment specialist intern. She always loves reading and learning new things.

Zofia Alexandra is a 19-year-old student in Poland 🇵🇱 waiting for her entrance test scores for University (wish her luck!). Connect with her via her Instagram @well_well_soph and Twitter which is @yutascupoftea.

Kanishkaa P. T. is a 19-year-old college freshman (class of 2026) from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India 🇮🇳. She writes out of curiosity and loves exploring the world! Her Instagram accounts are @neverlandstories._ and @kanishkaa24_.

MishaGull. A. S. K. is an 18-year-old university student from Lahore, Pakistan 🇵🇰. You can find her on Instagram @phoenix_ignite_.

Linette Cruz is an 18-year-old from Los Angeles, California, who graduated from Canyon Country in 2022. She has been writing since she could remember. She truly loves what she does and hopes that you do too. Her Instagram is @l.c_poems.

Grim is an 18-year-old senior from Washington, USA 🇺🇸. He’s an Instagram poet with his own book coming out in 2023. He writes poetry in hopes of connecting and relating to different people all around the world. You can follow him on Instagram: @_grim_poetry & Twitter: @poetrybygrim.

Murilo Lamonato is a 17-year-old high school student from Brazil 🇧🇷 that is an avid reader. You can connect with him by following his Instagram @murilolamonato_

Scar Graves is a 17-year-old poet & writer in the 12th grade-- graduating high school in 2023. If Scar isn't writing, he's most likely annotating books. Scar's Instagram is @inscribedscxrs.

Eisha Qureshi is a 16-year-old junior at Brien McMahon High School in Connecticut.

Abigail Rater is a 16-year-old sophomore homeschooler from Pennsylvania. She loves to write and create art to share with people through her website and any other means. She wants to make the most of her life and take care of the people around her, so her ultimate goal in all her creative pursuits is to have fun, inspire others, and make a brighter world. Her Instagram is @thesunshinenotebook.

Marium Binte Ghayas is a 16 year old 10th grader from Pakistan 🇵🇰. She enjoys writing about anything, creating art, reading fictional novels, meeting new people, and finding mysterious things. Her dream is to travel the world and inspire others while doing so. Her Instagram is @ _mariumdiary, and her YouTube channel is linked here:

Gessellier Lebron is a 16-year-old 11th grader that is a Latina of Dominican descent based in Miami, Florida, United States. To Gessellier, fashion is an integral part of self-expression, and it’s a creative outlet she loves to explore, much like writing. She believes that words hold so much value, as she says, “it is my greatest joy to write about things that are important to me.” She also engages in many other art forms such as dance, drawing, and acting. To engage with Gessellier in these art forms, you can follow Gessellier’s Instagram art account: or Instagram personal account: gessellier.

Emilie Palheire is a 15-year-old high schooler from France 🇫🇷. She enjoys reading, writing, drawing, and inventing scenarios for these activities for fun. She's currently working on several projects at the moment. You can connect with Emilie by following her Tiktok @em1.story.

Robert Shien Sujitado Tumangday is a 14-year-old from West Kibawe, Bukidnon, Philippines 🇵🇭 that attends Bethel Baptist Christian Academy. He likes drawing, and he describes himself as shy and behaved.

Dionle L. Ariba is a 13-year-old 8th grade student of Leaton School Inc. from Sangi, Toledo City, Cebu, Philippines 🇵🇭. Aside from enjoying fashion and writing, his favorite hobby is collecting lego minifigures, his favorite color is blue, and he loves homemade Filipino cuisine. He is a Roman Catholic that believes in Jesus Christ. He believes that, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” John 3:16.

Riley Johnson is a 13-year-old 8th grader from New Jersey, USA 🇺🇸. She loves to play piano and collect vinyl records, Funko Pops, and VHS tapes of her favorite films. She also likes going to concerts and reading. You can stay updated with Riley's work by following her Instagram @hs1rry.4evr & Tiktok @mrs.riley_styles.


Emma Carole Creviston is a 13-year-old 8th grader that is apart of the Oak Park High School class of 2029. She is a dancer from sunny Malibu, California who loves writing about fashion. To keep up with Emma's writing and dancing journey, you can follow her @emmacarole.13 on Instagram.

Keamogetswe is a 13-year-old 8th grader at Khutsalani High School. Keamogetswe is from Mbombela, Mpumalanga, South Africa 🇿🇦 In three words, Keamogetswe describes herself as very creative, smart and talkative, and she utilizes these characteristics literarily through her poetry.

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