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My Body is a Work of Art ~ poem by Emma Ryan

My body is a work of art,

It sounds corny to say.

Implying God sat sculpting a perfect heart,

Adding little bits of clay.

He forgot a few things,

Important screws and bolts.

Others he screwed so tightly,

There’s no changing the mold.

My legs are too thin,

My belly too round,

I smile with a crooked grin,

But mostly stare at the ground.

But someone thinks I’m cute,

My mommy and I.

Starting off mute,

I soon learned I could cry.

Learned I could enchant them with soulful blue eyes,

Fill silence with words that paint the whole sky.

Sculpting with words,

I nurtured my soul.

Creating my reality into something beautiful.

And so, I love myself,

My body is a work of art,

Every single part,

But especially, my growing mind and my gentle bleeding heart.

Bio: Emma Ryan is a 21-year-old community college student from California. Her Instagram is @butterfly_poetess.

Photo Cover Credit: Luiza Danco


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