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Identity and Style ~ by Jasmine P. Rose

Who is really wearing your clothing?

Is it your body or your soul?

Is it true that many see how we adorn ourselves

as superficial?


Unnecessary or even vapid?

When using fashion as a tool

of self-expression,

we can broadcast our signature,

to the world.

So much can be left unsaid,

when someone has a sense

of personal style.

You could read me like a book,

at one single glance.

I am a living canvas,

3-dimensional art,

a 3-dimensional artist;

left up to interpretation,

and often misunderstood,

not created solely for the

experience of the viewer,

but it is always interesting

to witness their perspective

as shared.

Jasmine P. Rose is a 31-year-old from Austin, Texas. Her Instagram is @jasmine.p.rose.

Photo Cover Credit: Jullea Powell


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