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Fashion is an instant language - Fashion Historical Timeline by Fern Beck

(Fash•ion~ A popular trend, especially in styles of dresses and ornament or manners of behavior)

Fashion has history worldwide, telling different stories from specific periods.

Before the 19th century, the rococo art movement of ornamental, frilly and theatrical art in mostly pastel colors was in full swing with the Renaissance.

In this period, we had one of the first “fashion victims” in history, Queen Marie Antoinette of France. Although beheaded, she simultaneously became a fashion icon during her time. She incorporated frills, ruffles and lace with corset bodices and flowy floor-length skirts made of silk, giving her overall style a lighthearted yet elegant feminine look.

Mayfair Gallery

Over the years, there have always been trends that stand out in different environments, but they have always been adapted to social and economic spheres, as well as personal tastes, creating distinct styles the moment they’re incorporated into different perspectives and tastes.

Thanks to these diverse perspectives, fashion has evolved and opened paths to different styles that are coupled with daily life, age and profession. Within these aspects, there is always “a guide, a base, or an influence” for one's own style, such as fashion icons and eras of specific fashion trends that are admired and romanticized.

For example:

20’s flappers revolutionizing fashion

70’s Hippies (eco and pace themes)

90’s Punk in London

These photos above are perspectives of tastes based on time in which we are changing along with it.

As well as the specific trends discussed, we also came to evolve, creating and experimenting with all these styles adopting our own that characterizes and shows a little about us, such as our tastes, interests, character, etc., thus forming a tangible identity.

Advancing to the present time, society has taken a more androgynous course with a little more tolerance for various aspects, including fashion, which has led us to a personal expression, giving us the freedom to choose what to wear and continue creating our own unique styles.

But regardless of these ever-evolving trends, remember to dress for yourself, not for others!

Fern Beck is a 20-year-old fashion and creative director student in Mexico City 🇲🇽. To connect with Fern and talk about fashion of all time periods, you can follow her Instagram @fernnbeck.

Photo Cover Credit: Jewels Powell


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