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Fall ~ poem by Caterina Rossi

Crimson coat, cozy boots

Through autumn, I sway

a doomed soul

from an 18th-century book

Long hair, black gloves

Beneath golden woods,

like a child, I catch leaves as they fall

The wind is blowing

The wolves are howling

Let me mourn in the house on the trees

From mass hysteria, I want to run free

Fall has arrived

No moment is better

to kiss our city goodbye

The day came when the first raindrop fell

Let its grace escort you back to the wild

To the true only origin of life

Away from the blindness of the city lights

As I lay on the ground in my hearty crimson coat

Enchanted by the beauty of the world

Caterina Rossi is a 25-year-old from Italy who is studying in London for her master's degree. Her Instagram is @stormborn_tales.

Photo Cover Credit: Jullea Powell


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