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Cynthia Rowley Surfs in Style - By Jewels Powell

The renowned summer surf aesthetic is a summer dream for those far from the sand and the sea and a sweet reality for those that do. However, the classic full-body black wetsuit is not in vogue. Aside from making you resemble a seal, you can eventually overheat and feel uncomfortably stuffy. Before surfing the waves, surf the web through Cynthia Rowley's Surf & Swim Collection. Cynthia Rowley, a lifestyle brand based on the motto "fashion should be an adventure," lives by this philosophy through its unprecedented Rowley Surf & Swim collection. This collection includes bikini tops, high and low waist bikini bottoms, rashguards, surf suits, one-piece swimsuits, matrix cutout surf suits and swimsuits, wetsuits, and full-body wetsuits, and custom long and short surfboards, with options for kids as well.

It can be refreshingly blissful to surf in a one-piece or two-piece in warm places in Central and South America, but it can be chilling in more northern areas. Regardless of your location, Cynthia Rowley has options for all surfers alike. The surf suit is made of a lighter material and has long sleeves with a zipper in the front and no leg covering, enabling you to stay warm and cool down if needed by pulling down the zipper. These unique surf suits include a variety of styles, from sunny floral patterns, beautiful butterflies, colorful compilations, and alluring matrix cutouts around the waist. However, these diverse styles apply to diverse weather. Cynthia Rowley offers wetsuits made of a thicker material than the surf suits, neoprene, with cute yet convenient back pockets included in these suits. There are also options for long sleeves with or without leg coverings, depending on the area's coldness. Some of these wetsuits, like the surf suits, also offer a zipper in front for added convenience and comfort.

In any case, Cynthia Rowley designs the most elegant surfboards, as these long and short surfboards are hand shaped from scratch by Jeff "Doc" Lausch at Surf Prescriptions in Huntington Beach, California. Due to the strategically designed shape of each board, each surfboard holds more rail than a traditional board, making it easier to surf and paddle during larger waves and steeper situations. The custom floral patterns adorn each board have a digitally printed inlay cloth on the bottom of the board and are finished with gloss and polish to ensure each board is durable.

To showcase all the new swim & surf collection designs, Cynthia Rowley holds the annual "Cynthia Rowley Surf Camp," where Cynthia invites several girls to Montauk, New York, to participate for a few days at Surf Camp. This is also where Rowley's daughter, Kit Kennan, sassily surfed in high heels, obtaining her a spot as a contestant on the reality TV show 'The Bachelor.' Surfing has given Cynthia a reason to travel outside of work, and she has channeled her adventurous spirit and heart into her artistically crafted surf & swim collection, revolutionizing fashion within the surfing industry.

Jewels is a high school junior that's a California girl at heart. She aspires to become a corporate attorney with a special emphasis in the luxury fashion industry. When she's not writing or buying every piece of jewelry she sees, she's surfing (hence the surf-related article) ;)

Photo Credit: Jewels Powell


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