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Beneath my Layers - poem by Attai Lily

I am a Dress

Open and easy

Plain to see yet complex

Designed in colours to fit Your mood

I am a Dress

You can read my thoughts

See them clear as day

Etched on the borders of my Maker's cut

I am a Dress

My emotions are like lines

Sometimes wavy and other times straight

Tucked in the folds of my seam

I am a Dress

Molded to Your fit

A gift of covering

A kiss of warmth in the night

I am a Dress

Fall in love with me if you will

Spell your desire on my layers

And wear me with confidence as yours, Your Dress.

Attai Lily is a 23-year-old from Calabar City, Nigeria 🇳🇬 and alumna of the University of Uyo class of 2019. She is an award winning storyteller and poet, writing by day and reading by night, with a flair for everything creative. You can connect with Attai by following her Instagram @a.lilywrites.

Photo Credit: Jewels Powell

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