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Autumn Trends ~ by Luiza Danco

Autumn is here! What are the trends?

Whether that be a romantic evening with a book, a pumpkin candle illuminating the room with light, warmth, and scent, or long walks in a chilly world of red, orange and yellow, the autumn atmosphere has its own unique climate.

.. Autumn sweaters, warmer clothes and colors fall into beige, brown or orange.

What are the trends? What will look dazzling in the world of autumn?

* Camel color is a mixture of warm and golden beige. We typically associate it with an elegant Parisian coat fastened with dark brown buttons. However, camel will look beautiful on sweaters, skirts, knitted pants or shoes. It looks best on a tanned complexion, so take advantage of the last days feeling like summer!

* Leather, pants, skirts, dresses, handbags, whatever! Leather coats are the most adored, but when you wear a long black coat, ask yourself how you want to present yourself. If we are going for a walk or meeting with friends, it is worth adding some color through a shawl, shoes and a bag. Remember the details!

* Miniskirts! I see them more and more often on Instagram, so I must write about them. In autumn, miniskirts pair well with a jacket, coat or sweater. There are many of them, but simple miniskirts with one color are unparalleled. You should also choose tights or long socks with patterns if the rest of the outfit is full of basic, monochrome colors.

* Sweaters! I must admit that I love to wear sweaters, and I think that autumn is the perfect time to take advantage of sweater weather. Knitted fabrics are the most popular, but let's focus on how to style sweaters with different weather. For warmer days, you can buy a long sweater with a turtleneck, and you can add high boots that reach below the knee. With some sweaters, you can match gaiters or a skirt.

* Shoes complement our styling. Classic books of black, suede, leather or feminine azure are perfect for everyday use. There will also be boots that add a sensual style and originality behind the knee, emphasizing our legs. For elegant stylizations, I recommend you wear the recently popular fashionable pumps, the so-called "Mary Janes". This season, they outperform plain black high heels, so I recommend you hop on this trend. I will also mention ballerinas, which can be suede or varnished. In my opinion, they will add modesty to outfits and will match an autumn dress and a checked sweater.

Luiza Danco is a 14-year-old high schooler based in Poland 🇵🇱. She is also Fashion Forecast's Head of Digital Design. Luiza loves traveling, drawing, animals and she says she’s “of course interested in fashion!” She has always wanted to become a blogger, so she says she will continue creating new entries for Fashion Forecast, so keep an eye out for more of Luiza’s work! Until then, you can connect with Luiza by following her Instagram @luizka_ig.

Photo Credit & Cover Credit: Luiza Danco


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