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Yves Saint Laurent's Fashion Guide to Happiness - By Luiza Danco

“Good clothing is a passport for happiness.”- Yves Saint Laurent

Do clothes make us happy?

…or maybe just buying them makes us produce an excess of endorphins?

But what gives us our own style?

Does fashion make us feel free?

Everyone would answer these questions and the infinite number of questions you can ask about fashion differently, depending on what fashion is for you.

Yves Saint Laurent, a French designer and founder of luxury fashion house Yves Saint Laurent said, "Good clothing is a passport for happiness." Thanks to this passport, we can feel free going wherever we want. Clothes that make us feel confident, comfortable and elegant simultaneously give us a sense of self-confidence.

When we don't know what to wear, we spend more time needlessly stressing instead of focusing on looking for the right style, only to choose a set that does not fully meet our expectations and satisfy us, which affects our well-being.

Dressing up and messing around is fun. We will feel best when we actually find our own style

among all possible, which can change-- even every week, but what’s important is that we feel good in whatever we wear. Because in good clothes, we feel as good as in comfortable shoes.

Good clothes … what does that really mean?





When you buy clothes, you definitely pay attention to these aspects of fashion. There are professions, such as stylists, for a reason— to help you discover what “good clothing” is to you, so you can reach your “passport to happiness” according to Saint Laurent.

As French model and fashion designer Inés de la Fressange said,

“The secret of great style is to feel good about what you wear.”

Luiza Danco is a 14-year-old high schooler based in Poland 🇵🇱. This is her spectacular second piece she's written for Fashion Forecast! Luiza loves traveling, drawing, animals and she says she’s “of course interested in fashion!” She has always wanted to become a blogger, so she says she will continue creating new entries for Fashion Forecast, so keep an eye out for more of Luiza’s work! Until then, you can connect with Luiza by following her Instagram @luizka_ig.

Photo Cover Credit: Jewels Powell


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