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London: Beauty in Chaos ~ by Caterina Rossi

It was my first time returning to London after three years in my home country of Italy. I realized the stark contrast between these two distinct worlds. The substantial dissimilarity ignites my desire to explore and understand the unique aesthetics of this unique metropolis. From Shoreditch's edgy charm to Kensington's sophisticated palaces, London’s allure is hard to identify. The outrageous beauty of Camden Town falls blind before extravagant lights, symbolizing the city's ambitious power. However, the constant amongst all this turmoil is the ever-present magic that makes any outsider feel at home.

I asked several people who have lived here for a long time, from diverse backgrounds, and with different aesthetics,

“What makes London beautiful to you?”

“Freedom”, “non-conformism”, and “variety” were amongst the most popular adjectives to describe the big city. Most interviewees said they could never grow tired of such an ever-changing environment. Cheerfully aware they don’t need to struggle to fit in, they feel welcome everywhere they go without adhering to conventional beauty standards. The “London” we all dream about is the London that welcomes every stranger from abroad with open arms. Whether this is real nowadays, we can debate. But you can glimpse London's diversity through fashion.

“Non-judgement” was also used to describe how the city is unique.

“London is not here to judge us.”

There is no time for that. We all have our lives to fix, work to run to, and a train to catch last minute. Why, in such a fast-paced environment, would we worry about what someone else is wearing?

Each night I go out, I see gorgeous women of all ages, sizes, and shapes dressed in glamorous and revealing clothing. They are confident in exposing their bodies, free from fear of not abiding by society’s beauty and morality standards. The chaotic, somehow confusing environment of London leaves no room for people to worry about what dress a woman should wear. If only we were this lucky in every part of the world.

Londoners strive for the extraordinary. They are so used to living so intensely that the more you dress beyond the limits, the more you will catch their attention. Londoners dress as they live: fearlessly, fiercely, and without taking life too seriously. London fashion reflects the chaos, opportunities, and wonder all visitors and residents seek.

Caterina Rossi is a 25-year-old from Italy who is studying in London for her master's degree. Her Instagram is @stormborn_tales.

Photo Cover Credit: Luiza Danco


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