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What Fashion Is ~ poem by Anna

Fashion is much more than just a simple word. It’s a concept that, even though it seems absurd, is leaving marks on every single one of us.

Fashion is not just the way you choose to dress,

nor is it something others should assess.

It’s a medium that allows one to express themselves through each sock, shirt, and accessory, like a magnificent canvas being painted.

Fashion is the essence of art. In each setting, whether it’s of banality, formality, or joviality, once you gaze around, you’ll see the art of expression through fashion on others, which is also individually distinct.

Fashion is a concept that has no limits; neither can it be assigned to a single time frame

because it has always been present on our Earth, presumably for as long as humans have lived.

Fashion is a creation that has no norms or rules. So, the next time you take a look at the clothes in your wardrobe, remember that they’re the walking art of our globe.

Anna is a 20 year old poet from Switzerland 🇨🇭. She graduates in 2023. She's fascinated by music, astrophotography, fashion, movies, languages, former decades, and English poetry. Since I've always been interested in the human brain and people's behavior, I'm planning on studying Psychology.

Photo Cover Credit: Luiza Danco


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