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The Concourse Model ~ poem by Marie Jade M. Orongan

"The Concourse Model" is about a man who captivates a woman's heart by wearing simple clothing. A classic outfit can catch an individual's attention.

I saw a man

Walking in the crowded hallways

Where his physique made me

Catch a

Glimpse of him

An item of simple aesthetic clothing

He wore

With shoes in black and laces were tied

With his silver watch tightly wrapped around his left wrist

He dressed classically

His fragrance was scentless.

Wherein it shows

The simple side of him

I was captivated

For a moment and so

Imagining and

Questioning myself

Would the context of my vintage fashion

Suit his style

For me to become his partner in crime?

Marie Jade M. Orongan is a 24-year-old Filipina from Cebu City, Philippines 🇵🇭. She is a graduate of the Cebu Doctors' University class of 2020. Now, she is an occupational therapist who helps treat patients with physical dysfunction, people with mental health issues, and children with special needs. She is a writer, poet, and lyricist currently residing in Cebu City. Her interests include watching movies from different genres, listening to classical music, painting, and any form of arts and crafts. She also likes traveling and spending her little life adventures with her family. You can find her on Instagram @moonstoneblues98.

Photo Cover Credit: Luiza Danco


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