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She who Speaks to her Clothes ~ Poem by Mackenzie Baum

She spoke to her clothes as if they were people

As if they had personalities all their own

As if they held a magic that she felt every time she got dressed

Her skirts were fun and flirty

They’d tell her she was pretty

She’d spin and twirl getting ready

Her blazers were trendy and professional

They’d tell her she was powerful

She always stood up straighter when she was in her blazer

But my favorite was always her jeans

They’d whisper “be yourself, there’s nothing better”

In her jeans she’d play outside or read a book

She was beautiful in every piece she wore

But in her jeans she was free, to be anything

Mackenzie Baum is a 22-year-old from Michigan. She is a recent college graduate who is working to make writing her career. She also loves animals and the outdoors. Her Instagram is @mackenziebwriting.

Photo Credit: Luiza Danco


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