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Pushing the Limits ~ by Linda Gomez Moscat

I love fashion that pushes boundaries and strays away from the “norm” *whatever that means* of society. However, to me, fashion means dressing the opposite of what I am told.

Women's Suits have been scandalous since they were first introduced to the public by actress Sarah Bernhardt in 1870; the rest is history. Although society is much more accepting of women’s suits now than before, I can't help but love the ambiguities a simple woman's suit can bring to a woman.

Therefore, when I wear a feminine suit,

I feel powerful,

I feel inspired,

I feel like I could conquer anything, as if it turns to gold upon my touch.

I strut my stuff like I own the place,

I turn the streets into my runway,

I can wear it better than any man AND get equally paid too.

Linda Gomez Moscat is from the Bronx, New York. She is attending Southern New Hampshire University, Online. She is a Dominican-Bronx-based poet currently finishing her English degree, and she has been published in three anthologies, but she plans to publish her books one day. She also has a passion for fashion and beauty, so during her downtime, she loves to share fashion/beauty insights with her loved ones and style clothes for herself and others. Her Instagram is @lindagomezmoscat.

Photo Cover Credit: Jullea Powell


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