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Perfection- the disease of the nation ~ poem by Elysia Laidlaw

To make it in the modelling industry,

You’d have to be cutthroat,

because modelling isn’t as it seems,

it’s an industry designed to promote,

unhealthy lifestyles and sexual harassment.

The mistreatment of young girls,

will always be in this establishment.

Standing in front of,

the bright lights and cameras,

posing in lingerie.

They don’t have to see you naked,

but you do it anyway.

Having to do inappropriate things,

to their barely legal body.

Photographer has sweaty palms,

and lust in his eyes.

If they reject his advances,

they’ll never be somebody.

These issues have arisen,

since the dawn of fashion shows.

All they seem to care about,

is what’s underneath those clothes.

I wish the modelling world,

represented diversity and grace,

but it’s a world only for,

the blue-eyed, blonde-haired, fair-skinned race.

25 waist,

perfectly aligned breasts,

face as clear as a mannequin.

Indentured racism,

makes it difficult,

for those with darker skin.

Magazines tell us,

the thinner the better.

That thin is perfection,

and will be forever.

And if you’re not thin,

then you will not measure.

Perfections the disease of the nation,

and has been…forever.

Elysia Laidlaw is a 23-year-old student from Birmingham, UK. She is part of the 2018 class at the University of South Wales. She is a free verse who isn’t afraid to speak on heavy topics. She’s always had a passion for creative writing, but only during the COVID-19 pandemic did her poetry take off.

Photo Cover Credit: Luiza Danco


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