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Low Sincerity ~ poem by Grim

"Low sincerity" was an exclamation made by myself after getting into an argument. I decided to write about how I felt and realized that it is a lesson that much of the world needs, whether our sincerity needs to go towards our happiness, relationships or other aspects of our lives.

I shared her eyes,

Until I saw, that we didn’t see eye to eye,

Telling me, “You just like one type.”

It all started when I asked,

To preemptively stop the clown show,

Your low sincerity showed, when I stood up,

But, I’m scared to stand all the way,

Because you’ll hit my head.

A perfect soul for me,

Is a nobody because I said something,

How dare I fight back?

I have low sincerity with life,

And this is how I get treated,

So concerned about my happiness,

Yet, you tell me what that is,

You can’t tell me how a person is,

They’ll show me.

I don't care who they are,

They remind me of a sunrise,

Because of new opportunities,

He reminds me of midnight,

Dark and mysterious,

And she reminds me of midday,

So sunny, you don’t know what to do,

There’s some insight,

Now raise your sincerity.

Grim is an 18-year-old senior from Washington, USA 🇺🇸. He’s an Instagram poet with his own book coming out in 2023. He writes poetry in hopes of connecting and relating to different people all around the world. You can follow him on Instagram: @_grim_poetry & Twitter: @poetrybygrim.

Photo Cover Credit: Luiza Danco


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