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In the Shadow of Spotlights ~ by Poetry Citrus

I stride in and the room

Swivels its head,

All two thousand eyes staring,

Some ogling instead.

I know they know,

The numbers and the digits of my

Body, better than I know myself.

I get off the ramp,

Away from the blaring lights,

And the time slows

Amidst the crowded floors.

Someone noisily whispers,

"I heard that's all plastic,"

While the other emits a

Short string of chuckles.

There stands the paunchy man

Who called me fat when I gained a pound.

There goes the woman with scissors,

Who called me pale,

While her assistant called me brown.

A bald man with tape

Bites into a donut.

My mouth lechers after the sugar;

Like my sobriety,

It's been wanting for four years.

Times speeds up,

And I've had enough.

I slap off my dress,

heels and doubts,

And walk back to the ramp

With a donut and my blouse,

Already ten times lighter

Towards the astonished crowd.

Poetry Citrus is a long time reader of fiction and writer of poetry. She believes poetry is an elegant form of capturing our emotions and voices. WordPress: (Write in Shining Armor) Poetry Citrus; Instagram: @poetrycitrus

Photo Cover Credit: Luiza Danco


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