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"Free to Express" - Poem by Scar Graves

hidden in plain sight

though i never got to feel seen

heard nor listened to

i learned to shut down

the days blurry

and days far too long for my desecrated heart

clothes were something i hated for a long time

until i got to find my own style

until i finally got to feel like me

button up shirts, flannels and oversized tees

a basic, somewhat gothic style i learned to love

a style i want to shamelessly express

clothes aren't really gendered after all

so screw what others say about it

or me

i finally get to put my heart and mind at ease

i am finally free to express

Scar Graves is a 17-year-old poet & writer in the 12th grade-- graduating high school in 2023. If Scar isn't writing, he's most likely annotating books. You're "free to express" how much you loved this poem by following and reaching out to Scar on Instagram @inscribedscxrs.

Photo Credit: Jewels Powell


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